“Gemma has an in-depth understanding of the barriers faced by people with disabilities and is an excellent advocate in developing inclusive practice and approaches.  As part of our work together, she was able to work effectively with organisations in both a consultancy and training capacity, to help guide their planning and to ensure the provision of accessible opportunities for all. Gemma is able to work with a high level of sensitivity to the needs of participants and is able to provide concise reports with practical recommendations for improving provision. I would highly recommend her work.”  Ben Ballad, Programme Manager at Sharpham Trust

Gemma’s delivery for the training was excellent. She presented a great mix of information, practical group discussions, interactivity and personal experiences. All my team felt very well engaged, and the training gave them the opportunity to think more specifically about different people’s needs, and to not be worried about ‘getting things wrong’. A very positive experience for everyone!”  Liz O’Neill, CEO, Z-arts

“I found the training day illuminating and challenging in equal measures. It really made me think deeply about how disability is portrayed in the media and how disabled people have had to overcome societal barriers in every period of history – right up to the present day with the current debate over disability allowance payments. I felt that the range of activities was varied and Gemma ensured the pace of the day was appropriate for the audience.”  Jonathan Westrup, Head of Learning and Participation, Drake Music

“Gemma has an excellent rapport with young disabled people and a natural ability to deliver fun, inclusive and inspiring workshops. Her knowledge of assistive technology is fantastic and she is committed to using this knowledge to remove barriers to creativity.” Alison Jones, Programme Manager, Tate Liverpool