Gemma Nash: Artist

Using sound to reimagine stories about people, places and objects

Talks / Lectures

Gemma Nash speaking at the Pankhurst-Fawcett Scorecard launch 2019

Delivering talks, lectures and workshops for organisations who are interested in sound, art, intersectionality and the ‘othered’ body.  Audiences include sound engineers, health professionals, change makers and technology researchers.

Recent Work

Intersectionality for people wth Learning Disabilities

Zoom Talk: Exploring what intectionality means for people with a learning difficulty. Focusing on a mixture of social identities, such as – queer, black and disabled people.

Event: NWTDT Pathways Annual Conference for and by learning disabled people in the North West.

Art & Disability Justice

Talk: Disability Art as an inter-related aspect of social justice for marginalised individuals and communities globally.

Event: With For About, Annual Heart of Glass Conference. Is art, and the making of art, the last frontier in the fight for democracy and the realisation of civil society?

Disabled Women and Inclusion

Talk: Highlighting the additional barriers disabled women face in key socio-economic areas – such as education, employment and safety.

Event: Pankhurst-Fawcett Scorecard, Manchester Metropolitan University. A new initiative which will see the region leading the change for progress and accountability for gender quality.

Please see Past Talks for examples of previous speaking engagements.

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