Exhibitions / Residencies


Sonic Pixels: The Secret History of the Radical Female Shopper, October 2018 – Sound painting installed at Barton Arcade.

Thackray Uncovered: The Veins of a Slack Rope Dancer, June 2017 – Sound installation at the Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds, England.  http://www.leedsinspired.co.uk/events/thackray-uncovered

Travelling Toilet Tales, July 2016 – Sound-art installation at the Utopia Festival, London.   https://www.somersethouse.org.uk/whats-on/utopia-2016

Womb with a View, March 2016 –  Audio & visual installation at the Shoddy Exhibition, Leeds. https://shoddyexhibition.wordpress.com/exhibition/exhibition-overview/

Hanging in the Balance, November 2016 – Mixed media visual installation at the Disability Arts Cymru ‘Austerity and Extravagance’ Exhibition, Wales.

The Woodlawners, September 2012 – Photographic exhibition and oral history at BBQ Arts, Manchester, England.

Residencies and Programmes

New Voices, September 2017 –  Artist Development programme and residency, Sound and Music, Manchester, England. TBC. 

Changemakers Lab, May 2017 –  Bespoke R&D residency exploring concepts of the ‘othered body’, METAL, Peterborough, England.

UPSTART programme,  January 2013  – R&D residency exploring assistive music technology, Drake Music, Mayo, Ireland.

Music and Disability, March 2010 –   Artist Development programme exploring assistive music technology, Drake Music/Cassa Della Musica, Genoa, Italy.  

Rights Now, March 2000 – Artist Development programme exploring disability and rights, Perspektiva, Moscow, Russia.