Artist Talks and Workshops

As a Artist I am often asked to deliver talks and workshops for organisations who are interested in sound, art, intersectionality and the ‘othered’ body.  Recent audiences include sound engineers, health experts and technology researchers.

I have a particular passion for working with people who face disabling barriers to participation, and often work in collaboration with other creative practitioners / technologists.  

Below are a few examples of presentations I have delivered:

Sonically Speaking 

Exploring how the sonic reference points of the ‘non-normative voice’ redefine normalcy, selfhood and human ways of being.

An Illuminated Talk, MOSI
Fundamentals – Energy | Electricity | Radiation

Panel discussing how knowledge of the most fundamental forms and forces helps both reveal and conceal the workings of Nature.  

Gender , Inclusion and ‘othered’ Speaker

Investigating the space between the normative and the ‘othered’ speaker in relation to gender

Taking Space, Durham University
Women – Music | Technology | Inclusion

Focus group about and for women in electronic music, hosted by Durham University.

Beyond Vocal Norms

Investigating the space between the normative and the ‘othered’ speaker; the ‘anterior states’ to language and how verbal communication could be replaced by movement (disjointed or otherwise). 

Beyond Words, Plymouth University
Disability – Music | Speech | Inclusion 

Conference discussing the unspoken/non-verbal in inclusive music practice: implications for the arts in a post-human world.