Gemma Nash: Artist

Using sound to reimagine stories about people, places and objects

Artist Statement

I work in sound with a focus on re-imagining the ‘othered’ body and the complex relationship between medicine, disability and ethics.


I came to sound art through being a laptop DJ and VJ mixer.  Specialising in funky house and drum and bass under the name Crip2night, I later produced my own compositions and began to experiment with VJing. 


I create raw, authentic creative narratives about people, places and things. It is important that my pieces transmit intimacy – so I often work in a way that is collaborative, low tech and non-linear.

My work often involves unusual sonic reference points and objects that disrupt the natural sonic balance of a particular area.

Artistic Collaborations

I frequently co-create with other artists, activists and academics. I am one half of the duo CUTTER // NASH. We make eerie and seductive soundscapes using voice, synthesisers, DAWs and hacked controllers.


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