Talks / Lectures

Gemma Nash speaking at the Pankhurst-Fawcett Scorecard launch 2019

I am often invited to deliver talks, lectures and workshops for organisations who are interested in sound, art, intersectionality and the ‘othered’ body.  Recent audiences include sound engineers, health professionals, change makers and technology researchers.

Recent Work

Disabled Women and Inclusion

Talk: Highlighting the additional barriers disabled women face in key socio-economic areas – such as education, employment and safety.

Event: Pankhurst-Fawcett Scorecard, Manchester Metropolitan University. A new initiative which will see the region leading the change for progress and accountability for gender quality.

Sonically Speaking

Talk: Exploring how the sonic reference points of the ‘non-normative voice’ redefine normalcy, selfhood and human ways of being.

Event: An Illuminated Talk, Science and Industry Museum. Panel discussing how knowledge of the most fundamental forms and forces helps both reveal and conceal the workings of Nature.  

Gender , Inclusion and ‘othered’ Speaker

Presentation: Investigating the space between the normative and the ‘othered’ speaker in relation to gender. 

Event: Taking Space, Durham University. Focus group about and for women in electronic music.

Beyond Vocal Norms

Interactive Workshop: Investigating the space between the normative and the ‘othered’ speaker; the ‘anterior states’ to language and how verbal communication could be replaced by movement (disjointed or otherwise). 

Event: Beyond Words, Plymouth University. Conference discussing the unspoken/non-verbal in inclusive music practice: implications for the arts in a post-human world.