Gemma Nash: Artist

Using sound to reimagine stories about people, places and objects

Past residencies

Drake Music, Ireland

A two day R&D residency exploring assistive music technology. The aim of the residency was to bring the thinking behind the Social Model of disability, and the aesthetics of access into the context of music education for disabled children and young people.

The programme involved practical, hands-on techniques in using music tech to overcome some of the barriers that disabled musicians face.

Sound and Music

Sound and Music's Pathways Logo

A year long programme focusing on my artistic development. Designed to work around my needs, the scheme involved some fantastic coaching and mentoring as well as an extended opportunity to make new work.

I was able to work on my own plans for my career and then work together with Sound and Music to find partner/s to create new music with.  A totally unique opportunity for me to make great new work and to be supported financially and professionally during the process.

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