Image of people listing to the Radical Shopper Installation.

I have exhibited my work in a variety of locations, including: art galleries, museums, pop-ups, shopping centres and my own home! My work has been shown across UK and internationally.

Please see my selected works for further details of my installations.

Recent Exhibition

The ParaOice – BodyParts, Asia House, 2019

Imagine a 2099 remake of ‘The Voice’ competition.  In this dystopian future, competitors with augmented voices are disqualified.  A lucky few, however, qualify for a parallel competition The Paraoice.  Most people love The Paraoice but some question its eligibility criteria, likening the show to vegan steak.  This in part has been due to the rise in bionic vocal chords….

A Paralympic parody, The Paraoice is based on a futuristic vocal competition. Through the lens of of post-human, queer and disability theories, this piece examines public perceptions of ‘realness’. Exploring how Paralympic sport has impacted upon society’s views about disability, validity and normativity.

The audio installation is experienced through Sonic Pixels – an innovative sound delivery system developed by Cornbrook Creative and James Medd in collaboration with CodeBug.

Like pixels on a screen, this system allows us to create sonic equivalents of brightness, colour and texture as well as an interesting visual representation of our sound art.