Hanging in the Balance

In 2015, Gemma Nash collaborated with contemporary and historical photographer Michele Selway to produce ‘Hanging in the Balance’.

Made in association with Forge Woodland Residency in the Whirligig Woods, ‘Hanging in the Balance’ is a series of sounds and images symbolising the devastating impact austerity is having on disabled people in the UK.

Using wet plate processes in the remote woodland area, Nash and Selway photographed disability related paraphernalia (such as wheelchairs and walking sticks) hanging ominously in the trees. The emptiness of these images, along with the antique process used, creates a haunting double negative. Suggesting a post apocalyptic scenario, these images depict the deep sense of threat and despair many disabled people feel about their future: A future that hangs in the balance.

“Our project has very much been inspired by Liz Crow’s ‘Figures’ and aims to carry on highlighting the deeply troubling effect of austerity through art activism.” Gemma Nash 2015

Nash and Selway were guest artists at the Disability Arts Cymru ‘Austerity and Extravagance’ touring exhibition.

Hanging in the Balance, Oriel Cric, Crickhowell,  March, 2016










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