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The Quips

An image of Gareth, a white man with short brown hair, black glasses and a striped jumper on the left, and Gemma, a white woman with long brown hair to her shoulders, black glasses and a black blouse on the right. They are looking at each other, smiling, across a table strewn with equipment.
Image credit: Michele Selway

The Quips is a research and performance project on radio broadcasting’s relationship with disability and pirate radio’s history of rebellion and activism, culminating in a live radio broadcast and video documentation, made by CUTTER // NASH.

When Covid-19 arrived, our interactions – with culture and each other – were remote and online. Now, as society begin to ‘reopen’, disabled and clinically extremely vulnerable people are at risk of being excluded again.

In this landscape of diminishing support and connection, The Quips claims creative space for disabled voices – their humour, rebellion, sexuality – and amplifies them. We take inspiration from pirate radio stations such as the 1947 French radio show ‘La Tribune de l’Invalide’, where disability activists spoke out about the neglect of disabled civilians, and ‘Gaywaves’, the first British radio programme run by and for gay men in the 1980s, the era of Section 28.

Developed through residency with The Art House in Wakefield, we invite contributions from disabled and clinically extremely vulnerable people who’ve shielded during the pandemic, to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings on the past 2 years and the present moment.

If you have something to say, CUTTER // NASH want to hear it, and we want the world to hear it too! Send us your contribution here.

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