About Me

I am a digital storyteller and sound artist whose work focuses on re-imagining the ‘othered’ body and the complex relationship between medicine, disability and ethics.  My compositions incorporate rehashed found sounds and other recycled materials to create impressionistic and disjointed pieces.

I came to sound art through being a laptop DJ and VJ composer. Specialising in funky house and drum and bass under the name Crip2night, I later produced my own compositions and began to experiment with VJing.

I like using accessible tools that produce raw, authentic creative narratives about people, places and things.  I am more interested in the conceptual identity of my compositions rather than technical virtuosity. It is important that my pieces transmit intimacy – so I often work in a way that is collaborative, low tech and non-linear.

This approach to my work reflects my interest in theories around selfhood, purity and what it means to be human – this can been realised in my most recent commissions: Travelling Toilet Tales and The Veins of a Slack Rope Dancer.  

My work often involves unusual sonic reference points and the the convergence of sound and visual artistic practices.  One of my collaborative pieces, Hanging in the Balance,  involved the sound of medical objects hanging in trees. I was intrigued by the subtle but disturbing way these objects disrupted the natural sonic balance of that area. 

Current Work

My current artistic enquiry focuses on the  ‘non-normative voice’ and how it’s sonic reference points redefine selfhood – by both interrupting our understanding of personhood and also presenting a possibility of transcending vocal perfection.   ‘Beyond Vocal Norms’ explores both how we sound (vocal) and what we say (verbal), with three interconnected strands.

Strand 1:  Exploring historic notions of fluency and current expectations to ‘talk normal’.  

Strand 2: Recreating and re-imagining the ‘perfect voice’

Strand 3: Mapping “dys-fluency”/ fluency, movement and the unspoken language of the othered body.

For more information about this exciting new work, please visit my non-normative voice page.